True Confession: My husband is a sadist, he beats me during sex

I’m wedded in church, with no option of divorce, but regrettably, my husband is a sadist.

I have been in this dilemma for over 5 years of marital vows. Though ,when we met about 8 years ago, I hadn’t noticed any sign of sadism. However, the very night of our marital consumation, things changed. I noticed something so strange that very night. My husband put his left hand across my neck, while ‘pumping’ me . I cried as it was very painful. The entire experience was a painful one. He was glad and looked satisfied after then.

He repeated almost the same thing the next day. After the second experience, I bared my mind. I told him how terrible my experience with him since we got married had been, but he never stopped.

We are presently blessed with 2 children, but I’m contemplating backing out of the marriage as I can’t continue in this experience.

He slaps, kicks and forces me to bed at every point of provocation. Each time we quarrel, he makes love to me. My punishment of every misbehaviour is sexual harassment. As I write, bruises are all over my face. These days, he threatens me with knives. I’m tired, and I want to leave. I need your advice.

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True Confession: My husband is a sadist, he beats me during sex

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