True Confession: It’s been bad luck and frustration since I married my wife

Greetings to you all at DailyPost. Kindly allow me to remain anonymous please. I need your advice asap.

I got married about 4 years ago to a lady i courted for about 2 yrs. since then we’ve not had a child, and it has naturally become a source of worry as my parents have not hidden their concern at all.

Now, as a born again christian, I believe in totality that children come from God and he alone gives at his time, but I also know that the bible commands us to ask, seek and knock and that he that asks, receives. But my frustration in this whole thing is the wife I married.

Firstly, for strange reasons, ten months after marrying her, I lost my job of 12yrs, and since then I’ve been struggling to make ends meet. I must thank God for his goodness and mercies all the way. At least there has been no reason to beg anyone.

Secondly, she has strangely refused to support any effort I try to make for progress. She sees things differently with no better alternative to bring on the table and each time I go ahead, she wants it to fail. she’s a graduate who has also refused to do anything for flimsy reasons, not liking a business type, lack of interest with her certificate, not even to teach as an educationist. And for these reasons, we have remained almost always at loggerheads.

Thirdly, in an effort to find solution to our childlessness, she has frustrated every bit of the attempts. She has refused us exhausting medical options insisting that the problem is spiritual. And on the spiritual options, she has been half-heartedly involved. My parents invited us for prayers with a man of God,we got there on my insistence at least to honour them and she ended up embarrassing everyone including my parents as she vehemently refused to stay back for prayers as advised by the Man, and even accusing me of ganging up with them!
That was Oct last year. Even if she didn’t believe the man as she claimed, i thought she should have been polite and respectful about it.. Needless to say, my parents have been hurt with her actions since then and wish I can just divorce her. Most frustrating for me is that presently, I’m observing a month long fasting and prayer period. Even though she claims to be fasting and praying too, she has refused to go with me for prayers in Church for once.

Please advice me on what to do as various thoughts keep running through my mind…I am still very young and i think letting a woman who’s mindset is far below my ambitions will be doing harm to my future.


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True Confession: It’s been bad luck and frustration since I married my wife

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