True Confession: Help! My mother-in-law is a witch, she killed my only son and wants me dead too

This is one thing I hate doing. Sharing my problem with the public? No! No! No! I don’t like it. But this time; I have to break the jinx because a closed mouth is a closed destiny.

It is said that he who brings firewood infected with maggots into his house should not complain when lizards start visiting him.

Actually, I brought all this upon myself and I am now reaping the fruit of my so-called ‘affection.’

I have been happily married for over10 years now and God has been faithful to my family until recently when things turned out differently.

I got married to my husband against my parents’ wish and advice. In fact, for disobeying their caution; my parents refused to attend both my traditional and church wedding; that day, I will never forget in my life. Anyway, that is by the way.

My husband and I hail from the same community but different clans in North central Nigeria.

When I first told my parents about my affairs with him a few years back; they warned me to disassociate myself from him because his mother is a notorious witchcraft and his entire lineage are known to be idol worshipers.

The undying love I have for him kept me glued to him and we both walked down the aisle on Saturday, September 18, 1993 without any of my family members in attendance.

My husband works with one of the national dailies as a line editor while I’m into cold room business.

We have been living happily despite our unfruitful efforts towards bearing children, until when God eventually wiped our tears in October 2011 and I conceived after series of miscarriages.

When it was a month to my delivery, I told my mother that she would come and help me when I put to bed, but she turned down my request, an indication that she’s still angry with me for discarding her advice.

Even my father has vowed not to see me again.

I told my husband that he should allow his mother to come since my mother wasn’t forthcoming, albeit, he was reluctant to accept but had no choice since there was no one else to help me out.

I put to bed last June, though it was through Cesarean section. When my mother in-law moved in, things started turning upside down. My husband was involved in a ghastly auto crash and his vehicle got damaged beyond repair.

Few months later, robbers came to our house and carted away our valuables including my N200, 000 gold jewelry.

Not up to a month, my shop got burnt and I lost everything I had inside.

In fact, at night, my mother in law would attack me with dangerous weapons, threatening to kill my only son and me.

I went for prayers and my pastor told me to be more prayerful and careful.

Last month, I went to the market to purchase food item only to return and meet the lifeless body of my son. Now my husband is yet to resume work because of the accident he had. My son is dead and my shop has been razed by inferno, yet my wicked mother in law has refused to leave our house. We are leaving from hand to mouth with the help of our church members at the moment.

My pastor had warned me against confronting her but I cannot take it anymore.

The woman killed our son and wants to kill my husband and I.

Dear readers, please help me out. Life has been unfair to me. I feel like taking my life. I wonder if God still exist.

Don’t you think it is time for an eye for an eye?




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True Confession: Help! My mother-in-law is a witch, she killed my only son and wants me dead too

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