‘Query your children’s source of wealth’ — Ex-Police PRO advises senior citizens

With the current situation in Nigeria, senior citizens and Nigerians in general have been advised to adopt security measures for their safety.

The advice came from former Kwara State Police Command Public Relations Officer, SP Okasanmi Ajayi (retd), at a lecture organised by the Kwara State chapter of the National League of Veteran Journalists (NALVEJ).

Okansanmi counselled elder citizens, whom he described as soft targets for kidnappers, to watch their movements.

He advised them to secure their homes, procure whistles as personal security alarm tools and be armed with emergency telephone numbers.

On the security situation in Kwara State, Okasanmi also admonished parents to monitor the activities and movements of their children and wards.

“Some children buy expensive gifts for their parents who fail to question their sources of wealth. Parents should enforce their authority on their children,” he said.

He described kidnapping in Kwara State as an imported culture that is strange to the people.

Okasanmi, who retired in October 2023, also observed that youths ignorantly join cult groups, believing they could opt out at will.

“No cult member can renounce membership without facing the consequences; it is for life,” he added.

‘Query your children’s source of wealth’ — Ex-Police PRO advises senior citizens

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