As soon as he arrived at Girona, Chaquito’s first problem that would leave him out of Qatar

Gerardo Martino’s list is already with us. The Mexican national team was one of the last teams to present its official roster for the 2022 World Cup and the problem was due to the fact that the coach waited until the last minute regarding the cases of injured players. In that sense, Raúl Jiménez was the big surprise of the team.

In that sense, the great sacrifice of Gerardo Martino’s team was precisely Feyenoord striker Santiago Gimenez. The player did not appear in the Argentinean coach’s roster and now it is revealed the big problem that the player had and the reason why Martino decided to leave him out.

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In that sense, everything goes for a purely tactical decision and preference. The reality is that Gerardo Martino is aware of the talent that the Mexican Argentine striker has, but today he prefers certain variants over the Mexican player. A surprising case indeed.

What was the big problem with Santiago Gimenez?

What happened with Santiago Gimenez was that Gerardo Martino prefers a striker with other characteristics. That is to say, a player who goes as a post player and is stout to hold up the central defenders and unload the ball to the wingers. Gimenez is more of a player who starts with the ball under control and enters the box.

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