After his interview, this is the harsh punishment that United will give Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday ignited the controversy, with an interview that he gave to Piers Morgan, in which he talked about everything, without hiding anything and revealed the reality of how Manchester United has lived in recent months, even seasons. The interview will be uploaded in its entirety this Wednesday, since for now there have only been fragments of it.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s words about Manchester United evidently did not go unnoticed, since as soon as they came out, they immediately went viral on all social networks, but mostly on Twitter. Before the boom, the Red Devils are already taking action on the matter, because the phrases were serious.

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Today it was reported from local media in England that Manchester United is preparing a couple of punishments and sanctions for Cristiano Ronaldo. Among the punishments, the main and harshest could be a sanction of more than one million euros for the Portuguese, which would mark an unprecedented sanction in the history of football.

Manchester United fans have expressed themselves on social networks, and the fans are divided between those who still support Cristiano and those who think that no one is above the team and the institution. Now, it is rumored that Cristiano may not play a game for Manchester United again.

Imminent exit of CR7?

Everything seems to indicate that the Portuguese will seek an immediate exit from the team after the 2022 Qatar World Cup with his Portuguese national team. Now, he will have to prepare for the World Cup thinking about what the future holds. Among the most popular options are Chelsea and Sporting.






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